Data Services for Nonprofits

Campaign Scientific's tech recommendations within three hours increased our capabilities more than our own efforts in the previous two years. -- Mollie Plotkin, CEO, Philadelphia Sports Group LLC

Are you making the most of your data opportunities?

Collecting data

The more data you have about your donors, clients and volunteers, the more effective your programs can be. Campaign Scientific can help you capture all the information that flows into and through your organization, collect publicly available data and purchase worthwhile data from commercial sources.

Maintaining data

Like a well-tuned engine, well-maintained data will make every endeavor more efficient. Campaign Scientific can help you combine separate lists and files into one easy-to-use database, remove duplicate records and update contact information.

Using data

What you learn from your data will make your organization stronger. Campaign Scientific can help you measure the effectiveness of initiatives, find out if the data support your working assumptions and generate new patterns and insights by mining your data.

Campaign Scientific can help!

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our services, including:

  • Assessment and improvement of your current data infrastructure,
  • Setup of efficient data capture,
  • Finding and obtaining publicly and commercially available data,
  • Data cleaning and augmentation services,
  • Data analysis, including data mining.