Stephanie Singer, Data Strategist

Stephanie Singer has assembled, analyzed and explained data for private business, public agencies, campaigns and election oversight. In 2018 she helped Orange County, CA design a pilot risk-limiting audit and worked with the Verified Voting Foundation. In 2017 she served as Project Lead for Free & Fair, a new player in the election technology market bringing the best in computer security and high-assurance design to the voting process, on the development of a risk-limiting-audit system for the Colorado Department of State. From 2012-2016 she served on the Philadelphia County Board of Elections improving communication, modernizing processes, rooting out corruption and protecting voters’ rights. She won the post by defeating a 36-year incumbent in a citywide election. Singer co-chaired the statewide Election Reform Committee of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania and is an active member of the national Election Verification Network. Singer studied math and computer science at Yale and Stanford, earned a Ph.D. from New York University and has written two books on mathematical physics.