Stephanie Singer, Data Scientist

Stephanie Singer has assembled, analyzed and explained data for private business, public agencies, campaigns and election oversight. Her public service projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Knight Foundation. In 2020 she created the VoteVisualizer, a web app allowing users to explore election results from across the country. Her client list includes the Orange County Registrar of Voters and the nonpartisan nonprofit Verified Voting.  She has advised elected officials across the country, including Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan. From 2012-2016 she served on the Philadelphia County Board of Elections -- including one year as chair -- where she made data freely available, used data analysis to fight unconstitutional burdens on the voting process, and introduced "I Voted Today" stickers to all Philadelphia polling places. She won the post by defeating a 36-year incumbent in a citywide election. Singer co-chaired the statewide Election Reform Committee of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania. Singer studied math and computer science at Yale and Stanford, completed a Ph.D. at New York University and earned tenure from Haverford College. She has written two books on mathematical physics.